The 27th Kaminoyama Tour de La France

The 27th Kaminoyama Tour de La France
This is one of the biggest events in Kaminoyama City which boasts hot springs and fruits!
Take a jaunty bike ride through Kaminoyama City blessed with nature, history, culture, foods and regional resources in the wind!

◎Saturday, November 12, 2016 Town Cycling & Pre-Event Night Festival (held shine or rain)
【Town Cycling】
Participants ride the course located in the city center while enjoying the townscape of Kaminoyama, and if they stop at the shops, they can get bingo game cards that can be used for the pre-event night festival depending on points. In addition, there will also be a cycling course where participants can experience the history and culture of Kaminoyama City.

【Pre-Event Night Festival (Venue: New Murao Romankan)】
At the pre-event festival to be held the night before the main event, participants can enjoy buffet style meals and fun event such as bingo games in which winners can get specialties of Kaminoyama City.

◎Sunday, November 13, 2016 Main Event (to be held rain or shine)
Assembly point:Citizens Park Square (East side of Kaminoyama City Office) 

Schedule of the main event
7:00 a.m. Registration
8:00 a.m. Opening Ceremony
8:10 a.m. 60 km: Start Time
9:00 a.m. 20 km/Family: Start Time
9:30 a.m. 30 km: Start Time
12:30 p.m. Imoni-kai (taro potato party)/Lot Drawing Session/Closing Ceremony

※In case of rain
The event shall be held, shine or rain (Start times may change).
However, if it is deemed impossible to hold the event due to thunder or stormy weather, only imoni-kai (taro potato party) and lot drawing sessions shall be held.

●60km→Click here for Course Map
●30km→Click here for Course Map
●Family Course(20km)→Click here for Course Map
Amount Capacity Note
60 km/General (High School Students or Older) 5,000 yen 600 people Elementary school students shall enter the event with a parent or guardian. (The parent or guardian shall also be charged.)
60 km/3rd Grade Elementary Students to 3rd Grade Junior High School Students 2,500 yen 600 people
30 km/General (High School Students or Older) 4,000 yen 200 people
30 km/3rd Grade Elementary Students to 3rd Grade Junior High School Students 2,000 yen 200 people
Family Course (20 km) 4,000 yen +α 100 pairs This participation fee is for 2 family members. 2,000 yen per person shall be charged for additional members.

Hosted by Kaminoyama Tour de La France Executive Committee

Consisting of Kaminoyama City, Kaminoyama City Board of Education, Kaminoyama City Society of Commerce and Industry, Kaminoyama Tourism and Products Association, Junior Chamber International Kaminoyama

Sponsored by Traffic Safety Promotion Council, JA Yamagata, Kaminoyama City Bicycle Dealers Association, Kaminoyama City Tourist Fruit Farm Council,Yamagata Cycling Association