Oxfam Trailwalker

●Exhibition dates (2016)
July 9(Sat)-11(Mon)

●Event overview
Oxfam Trailwalker is a trail, walking and running event held worldwide by the international NGO Oxfam, which is active in over 90 countries across the globe. Teams of four people each participate to challenge their own physical strength and also use the opportunity to collect funds for contribute to international collaborations.
There are presently 17 trailwalker events held in 10 countries in the world, with the event being held every year since 2007 in Japan and reaching contributions exceeding a total of 400 million yen.

100km (48 hour time limit)
50km (24 hour time limit)

●Participation fee
1 Team (4 people)  60,000 yen
*A 60,000 yen contribution per team separate from the participation fee is required.

Tour de Tohoku

●Exhibition dates (2016)
September 17(Sat) : Entry reception,Ride Event,Venue event(Ishinomaki Senshu University)
September 18(Sun) : Ride Event,Venue event

●Event overview
"Tour de Tohoku" is a bicycle event started in 2013 with the goal of future preserving of the memories of the restoration aid of the Great East Japan Earthquake and earthquake disasters. It is not a competition for rank or time, but rather held for just having a good time cycling.
"I felt happy having everyone cheering my from the sidelines"
"I want to offer my support to those who gave their support after the earthquakes"
The slogan of the Tour de Tohoku is "Support by those who gave theirs."
The Tour de Tohoku is held to share this sentiment with as many as possible.

Challenge Group Ride, Oshika Peninsula  (100km)
Excursion Group Ride around Ishinomaki (18km)
Kesennuma Course  (211km)
Minami-Sanriku Course (170km)
Kitakami Course (100km)
Onagawa-Ogatsu Course  (60km)
Kesennuma One Way Course  (95km) 

●Participation fee *tax not included
Challenge Group Ride, Oshika Peninsula : 9,000 yen
Excursion Group Ride around Ishinomaki : 5,500 yen *in the case of bicycle bringing
Kesennuma Course : 15,000 yen
Minami-Sanriku Course : 11,000 yen
Kitakami Course : 9,000 yen
Onagawa-Ogatsu Course : 8,000 yen
Kesennuma One Way Course : 11,000 yen

Tour de Sanriku in Rikuzentakata Ofunato

●Exhibition dates (2016)
September 24(Sat) : Entry reception,Prior day rally ceremony,Stage event etc.
September 25(Sun) : Opening ceremony,Ride event,Stage event etc.

●Event overview
This is a bicycle event aiming to continually offer support to areas significantly damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake by visiting and viewing them. You will also be able to enjoy the fruits of the Sanriku Coast at the end station. From the hill climb course for experts to the family course for beginners, a wide variety of courses await you.

Gokyaku-Mononoke Course (64.5km) *for hill-climber the upper grade
Kenkyaku-Mountain Course (52km) *for hill-climber
Kenkyaku A/B Course (50km) *Course same as A in B , The pace that A is earlier than B
Family Course (25km) *for beginner , for children

●Participation fee
Gokyaku-Mononoke Course : 9,000 yen
Kenkyaku-Mountain Course : 9,000 yen
Kenkyaku A/B Course : 8,300 yen
Family Course : 4,000 yen
*A separate entry fee will apply.
*Each course increases by 1,000 yen following the first deadline.

GREAT EARTH Iwate Shizukuishi Ride 100km

●Exhibition dates (2016)
October 1(Sat) : Eve party"Wanko De Night!"
October 2(Sun) : Entry reception,Opening ceremony,Ride event

●Event overview
Climb up to the Amihari Onsen while viewing the golden Mount Iwate and take a pleasant ride through the pastoral region on your way to Koiwai Farm.
A long-ride event that starts your morning with a Japanese style Mongolian mutton barbecue and eat up rice cakes, continuous soba noodles, Morioka-style naengmyeon and jaja noodles while you aim for a 70 to 100km total run.

100km Long Course
70km Short Course

●Participation fee
9,850 yen
*High school students and under 3,500 yen
*A separate entry fee will apply.
*A separate participation fee will apply when participating in the eve party.

Lake Inawashiro Half Marathon

●Exhibition dates (2016)
October 23(Sun)

●Event overview
A half marathon that travels around Lake Inawashiro, the primary tourist spot in Fukushima Prefecture. Starting off as a rally to support Fukushima's rebuilding, this is a beautiful location where you can ride along the views of Lake Inawashiro and Mount Bandai!
Enjoy a pilgrimage of Inawashiro in the fall after the marathon.
The meeting grounds have a line-up of famous sports brand booths and stalls for traditional culture and local cuisine.
We look forward to your participation.

Half Marathon(21.0975km) Course
10km Course  etc.

●Participation fee
Half Marathon(21.0975km) Course : 5,000 yen
10km Course : 3,500 yen 

Kamaishi Sennin-Toge Marathon

●Exhibition dates (2016)
October 30(Sun)

●Event overview
A difficult course with an approximate elevation gain of 400m and average incline of 5%. The sense of accomplishment when you cross the path is like no other!
The turning of fall happens to coincide at just the same time, allowing the wonderful fall scenery to sooth the pain of the race.
A product exhibition will also be held on the same day of the event. 

17.2km Course (Elevation gain 400m)
10km Course (Elevation gain 160m)

●Participation fee
3,500 yen
*High school students 2,000 yen
*A separate entry fee will apply. 

Kaminoyama Tour de la France

●Exhibition dates (2016)
November 12(Sat) : Downtown cycling,Eve party
November 13(Sun) : Ride event 

●Event overview
A huge fall event from the town of Kaminoyama whcih is proud of its onsen and fruits. Breeze through the Kaminoyama road blessed by the nature, history, culture, food and rich natural resources while taking in the fall scenery!
You can also enjoy the handcrafts made by the local mothers.
The perfect closing to a year's run.

60km Course
30km Course
Family Course(20km)

●Participation fee
60km Course : 5,000 yen (Middle school students and under 2,500 yen)
30km Course : 4,000 yen (Middle school students and under 2,500 yen)
Family Course(20km) : Two family members at 4,000 yen
*A separate participation fee will apply when participating in the eve party.