Run & Ride TOHOKU

“Join us! Run & Ride TOHOKU” gives you the information on sport events (marathon, cycling and trail running) in Tohoku Region.

★ How to Enjoy Sport Events in Tohoku: Model Itinerary ★
Example - You are to participate in “The 5th Tour de Sanriku” on Sunday, September 25, 2016
Day1 : Arrival at Tohoku from your home country.
Day2 : Visit to “Matsushima”, one of the three most famous landscapes in Japan” and “Hiraizumi” the World Heritage. Staying at a ryokan inn with a hot spring.
Day3 : Participation in “The 5th Tour de Sanriku”. Departure to Tokyo after the event finishes in the evening.
Day4 : Sightseeing in Tokyo. Departure from Narita (or Haneda) to your home country.

This course allows you to participate in the very popular event among cyclists, “Tour de Sanriku”, as well as to visit “Matsushima” and “Hiraizumi”, the landmarks that represent Tohoku, to have relaxing moments at a hot spring ryokan and even to look around in Tokyo.
You sure can feel the charm of Tohoku in your bones!
Please visit Tohoku Region to enjoy sports events, sightseeing and, of course, gourmet foods.

You can register to events from this website.
You can also find information on the packaged tours with the registration to events (from/to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea).

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